Type: Block
Block ID: 49
Affected by Gravity?: No
Requires Anything?: No
Transparent?: No
Emits Light?: No
Illumination Value?: N/A
Speed of Movement?: N/A
Speed of Walking Through?: N/A
Heals Hearts?: No
Cookable?: No

Obsidian is a deep purple block that was first released into the game in the 0.30 update. Obsidian is not found naturally in normally generated maps, except in Alpha mode.

Obsidian is available for use in Creative mode. It is mostly used for making dark things, or the black lines of pixel art. In Survival mode, Obsidian was extremely tough to break and would drop one or two Cobblestone blocks when mined. Obsidian was not available anywhere in the very old Alpha mode. Obsidian could be created in old Alpha mode; when pre-created Water flows onto a pre-created Lava spring. The Obsidian never actually spawns with the chunk, but is created by the environment. Do not confuse this with Cobblestone, which results when Water collides with Lava (not a lava spring). It takes 50 seconds to destroy with the player's hands and 15 seconds to destroy with a Diamond Pickaxe. Obsidian can only be successfully mined with a Diamond Pickaxe.

Obsidian is one of the most resistant materials to TNT, which only goes through one layer, which makes it one of the best material for protecting your valuables, along with Cobblestone, Mossy Cobblestone, and possibly natural Stone. Obsidian takes the longest to destroy without TNT.

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